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Employer - Freshbits Web Solutions
Job title - PHP Web Developer

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Job Summary
Dear friends,
We are looking for new team members!!
Have you been searching for a company that values your work output above everything else?
Or the company that offers you growth in all walks of life?
Congrats, you just found a match!
Why Freshbits
Great team: A company is as good as it’s culture. And the attitude and enthusiasm of the team lift everyone up. We’re proud of our team.
Developer growth: International clients, Top-level code quality, and exciting projects built from scratch. You do actual programming here.
No overtimes: We do not remember when was the last time we had to work late. We believe in spending enough time with family and friends.
1st and 3rd Saturdays off: And the rest of the Saturdays are also fun-filled, just like the whole work week.
Humanly decisions towards “leaves”: We schedule the work with some extra space for unexpected circumstances. You have control over your time.
Open Source: We actively develop packages and put our code out in the open. That’s where true learning lies. Witness and experience growth.
Local Community: We invest time in organizing local meetups and get you in touch with like-minded people. We are all in this together.
Decision-making involvement: Team members’ opinion counts around the important decisions around the company. The benefit of a small entity : )
Parties with food and games: We believe in ‘Work hard, Play harder!’ The whole environment is always light and fresh with food and games.
Based on output and not years of experience.
No bar for the performing candidate.
We ask for
A good portfolio with actual projects (in any language or framework)
Good communication skills
Goals to build and ship things that would help people lead better lives and businesses.
That’s it. It’s just your ability and eagerness to code first-class solutions.
Interview process
The first meeting is quite simple where we get to know each other and ask basic questions. If things work out,
We request you to give a practical test, code review, advice on a given technical problem, or something related.
You’re part of the team and we start making great systems together.
Freshbits Web Solutions, 1002, Time Square, Ayodhya Chowk, 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot.
Technologies used
Being front-runners, we keep the software and libraries up-to-date and that allows getting things done quickly. And we, as individual developers, are always in high demand.
Setup: VS Code, Ubuntu, Laravel Homestead, Git
PHP, Laravel, Vue.js
Next Step
If you’ve read till this far, what are you waiting for? Click ‘Apply’ and let’s meet. Cheers!
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Job Type: Full-time
Bachelor's (Preferred)
Paid leaves / Leave encashment
Flexible work hours
Agile Experience Needed:
Software Development

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Job Location Rajkot, Gujarat
Date Posted 11 Jan 2020
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Jobseeker's Please Note: Please do not make any payment in any bank account or wallet in our Name, We don't charge any money to jobseekers
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