SME/Project Lead (Android/Python)

Employer - ProsperaSoft
Job title - SME/Project Lead (Android/Python)

Job Description

Job Summary
Experience working on the Android platform
Experience in developing B2C and B2B mobile applications
Actively participate in feature design
Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
Take ownership of the features assigned right from estimating timelines to Production release
Expertise in implementation of custom UI components
Experience working with Google Maps and Social APIs
Experience in memory management and in designing high- performance apps
Working knowledge of Android SDK and Android Development Tools
Excellent English language (written verbal) communication skills
Experience working with the Eclipse IDE
Good understanding of DB Design
Responsibilities and Duties
Candidate Should have 2 to 5 years of experience.
Interview Candidates
Perform technical interviews of incoming candidates for Android and Python technologies
Interviews should cover core programming concepts and details of the particular technology
The interviewer should create an evaluation form and to rank and review each candidate to include the following for each technology plus whatever else they think is a good characteristic for evaluation
Knowledge of object-oriented programming
Knowledge of specific coding language
Python knowledge if python developer
Android/Java/Kotlin knowledge if the android developer
Ability to communicate technical skills
Ability to problem solve
Knowledge of supporting technologies
Web services
3rd party API’s
Knowledge of common frameworks (MVP, MVC, MVVP, etc)
Knowledge of architecture
Interview Input
The interviewer should input feedback via evaluation and comments directly into our applicant tracking system (ATS)
Assign Tasks and Assignments
Assign tasks to each developer
Each consultant should have a minimum of 4 tasks
The tasks can vary from redesigning a screen in an existing app, to creating a project plan, to debugging some code, to a code challenge, etc
Each task/assignment should take 2-3 days to complete and should test their knowledge and programming skills based on their areas of weakness in the interview
Evaluate Tasks and Assignments
Each developer should be graded on their assignments
You will need to create an evaluation form for each developer
You’ll need to grade them and provide specific comments and feedback on how they could improve their work (i.e. they suggested the client uses firebase and for an enterprise client it would be a bad suggestion because it isn’t scalable and would cost too much, and would require them moving over all their databases which would be way too costly, etc)
Each developer should have their feedback reviewed with them on a call
Mentor Tasks
Each developer should have a mentorship call when the mentor trains/coaches/instructs the developer on whatever areas they’ve been determined to be weak in
A mentor can assign tasks after the training, such as watching some videos on youtube, or reviewing some blog posts, or reading some source code or documentation materials etc.
The mentor should follow up that the developer has improved their weak areas
Interview Preparation
The mentor should create a list of standard questions and answers to technical interview questions within each technology
The mentor should tell the developer to study those questions and answers
Mock Interviews
The mentor should then perform 1 call per day to perform a technical interview a

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Job Location Pune, Maharashtra
Date Posted 20 Jan 2020
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